2015 City Campus Weekly Chanting Service
Dear Guest: Mahayana Temple provides year round Services. The Service will be held from 10:00am to 12:00noon. These services are open to the public. Please arrive and be seated before 10:00am. The Service calendar schedule for 2014 is as follows:
Year Round Every Sunday
Chinese Lunar Month Service Day
1st Day of 12th Month 01/20/2015 Tuesday
15th Day of 12th Month 02/03/2015 Tuesday
1st Day of 1st Month 02/19/2015 Thursday
15th Day of 1st Month 03/05/2015 Thursday
1st Day of 2nd Month 03/20/2015 Friday
15th Day of 2nd Month 04/03/2015 Friday
1st Day of 3rd Month 04/19/2015 Sunday
15th Day of 3rd Month 05/03/2015 Sunday
1st Day of 4th Month 05/18/2015 Monday
15th Day of 4th Month 06/01/2015 Monday
1st Day of 5th Month 06/16/2015 Tuesday
15th Day of 5th Month 06/30/2015 Tuesday
1st Day of 6th Month 07/16/2015 Thursday
15th Day of 6th Month 07/30/2015 Thursday
1st Day of 7th Month 08/14/2015 Friday
15th Day of 7th Month 08/28/2015 Friday
1st Day of 8th Month 09/13/2015 Sunday
15th Day of 8th Month 09/27/2015 Sunday
1st Day of 9th Month 10/13/2015 Tuesday
15th Day of 9th Month 10/27/2015 Tuesday
1st Day of 10th Month 11/12/2015 Thursday
15th Day of 10th Month 11/26/2015 Thursday
1st Day of 11th Day 12/11/2015 Friday
15th Day of 11th Month 12/25/2015 Friday
In addition, the temple also provides the following special Service as follows:
Kwin Yin ‘s Birthday
19th Day of the 2nd Month 04/17/2015 Tuesday
19th Day of the 6th Month 08/03/2015 Monday
19th Day of the 9th Month 10/31/2015 Saturday
Qing Ming Memorial Ceremony
04/04/2015 Saturday
04/05/2015 Sunday
The Birthday Ceremony of Sakyamuni Buddha 05/25/2015 Monday
Ullambana Ceremony
08/29/2015 Saturday
08/30/2015 Sunday
The Birthday Ceremony of Earth Buddha(Ksitigarbharaja Bodhisattva) 09/12/2015 Saturday
Winter Solstice Ceremony
12/26/2015 Saturday
12/27/2015 Sunday